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  • Web Design & Web Solutions For Small Businesses & Solopreneurs
  • Tailored Web Design and Web Solutions
  • Dubsado & Calendly Website Integrations

Elegant Web Design & Web Solutions that helps heart-centred small business owners and solopreneurs work smarter, not harder and blossom online

So You're...

So You're...

  • an artisan, crafter or maker, small business owner or solopreneur driven by a heart-centred mission or an eco-conscious and ethical mindset
  • someone who cares about the environment and the planet we live on and is trying to live in a more sustainable way
  • someone who likes to make a difference in your local community, so you support buying local (the Preston model 😉) and get involved in community initiatives
  • who wants to do business in a more ethical way, with integrity and work with someone who has the same values and ‘gets it’
  • who may sell eco-friendly products and services, run a specialist or vegan food and drink business, work in wellness and therapy or run a coaching and consulting business


  • website no longer reflects you, your brand or your audience
  • looking for an easier to use website platform that requires no maintenance or constant platform updates
  • website is out of date, isn’t mobile friendly or optimized, hard to manage and doesn’t have the functionality that you need
  • wanting to automate your business but don’t know where to start or which web solutions or tools to implement that would be best for you and your business
  • Tech Shy (verging on a Technophobe) and are struggling to take your business online, you just wish you could wave a magic wand and have everything taken care of and someone to hold your hand all the way
  • maybe Tech Sure and loves writing your own content but still feels a bit unsure about building your own website and inputting your content
  • Tech Savvy but struggling to find the time to build your new website and would rather focus on building your business and what you love doing instead

Looking For...

  • an elegant, beautiful, professional website you’ll be proud to share far and wide (even shout about it off the rooftops 😉)
  • a website you can use to promote your business and sell your products and services, whilst building credibility and trust with your potential customers
  • a website that’s integrated with web solutions or tools that can help automate your business, freeing up your time so you can get back to doing what you love ❤
And you want to work with a web design, graphic design and tech specialist who:
  • is friendly and supportive, that can hold your hand through the process and will be there for further support after your project is finished
  • understands your struggles and fears with technology and can patiently break it all down into easy to understand terms and steps aka geek to muggle translations
  • can tailor the level of support you require to your needs and tech capabilities, without judgment or nonchalance
  • can bring your branding and website vision to life, creating you a consistent brand both online and in real life
  • has a sense of humour 😉

Hello! I'm Paula

Creative Geek // Web Design & Tech Specialist //

I’m a Creative Geek, Website & Tech Specialist and I work with small business owners and solopreneurs driven by a heart-centred mission.

I create beautiful and elegant websites that communicate your brand personality and align with your business purpose and aspirations, combined with web solutions and website integrations that automate your business to help you get the most from your website and tech.

I'm Paula a Web Design & Tech Specialist that helps you automate and fully utilize your website and tech.
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No one likes playing phone tag, as a typical creative type that likes to keep busy it's always best to book a call or Zoom meeting with me in advance :)

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