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  • Web Design & Web Solutions For Small Businesses & Solopreneurs
  • Tailored Web Design and Web Solutions
  • Dubsado & Calendly Website Integrations
As small businesses owners or solopreneurs, there’s one thing that we never, ever, ever, ever seem to have enough of... and that’s time. You see we can’t wear all the hats all the time, without eventually burning out. It’s quite simply an impossibility.
I mean just think about it... as small business owners or solopreneurs we need to:
  • design or produce our Products, Services, Courses, or other Offerings
  • make a Website (which usually consists of getting to grips with WordPress, learning at least a smidgeon of html & css, how to add scripts & plugins, carry out maintenance, perform regular backups, make it look great and add all the functionality that we would like to offer our visitors!!)
  • design our Branding (which usually consists of designing a logo (learning design software like Adobe or Canva), designing our colour scheme, choosing our fonts, envisioning and creating our overall style and message)
  • find our Copywriting voice and message
  • plan and create our Content (for our blogs, website, social media channels, videos, opt-ins, email marketing, the list goes on and on....)
  • find time to speak to our actual Customers or hold meetings with Clients and time to provide them with real value
  • deliver our Products, Services, Courses, or other Offerings
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Customer Service and time to Build & Nurture Relationships
  • and don't forget Admin, Project Management, Scheduling, Invoicing, Receipts, Payment Processors......and you know, your actual life outside of your business too!!
the list just goes on and on!!
It’s hard not to become overwhelmed and burnout, trying to wear all the hats all the time! That’s why automating and outsourcing as many of the hats for our businesses we possibly can, whilst choosing to focus and spend our time instead on designing and developing our Products, Services, Courses, or other Offerings (and dare I say it even ourselves), along with nurturing and connecting with our Customers is one of our best strategies not only for growing and developing our businesses, but for staying sane!

So... if you’re a solopreneur or small business owner that’s looking for a smarter way to fully utilize your website and tech to save time and money, then you my dear friend are in the right place.

Welcome! I'm Paula

Creative Geek // Web Design & Tech Specialist //

I love to help Small Businesses and Solopreneurs like you to work smarter, not harder by automating & fully utilizing your website and tech, whilst reducing your overwhelm and stress so that you can stand out from the crowd and reclaim your precious time.

Put my years (and years and years, (19+ 😲)) of experience and knowledge to good use. Do you really want to spend your precious time learning HTML & CSS, trying to get to grips with WordPress, never-ending Plugins and updates, when your passion lies elsewhere?

Let my passion (alright, obsession) for designing and building maintenance free, non WordPress websites that stand out from the crowd and automate your business, help you get back to your passion and the whole reason you started your business in the first place.

Below you’ll find an introduction to the services and help I can offer you on your journey to becoming a happier, calmer, more productive, more automated, more organised, more focused small business owner or solopreneur! Welcome to the family!

I'm Paula a Web Design & Tech Specialist that helps you automate and fully utilize your website and tech.
Web Design Services

Web Design

I offer everything from Beautifully Designed Custom Websites and Template Websites, to Business Websites and E-Commerce Websites however, I do things a little (alright totally! 😊) differently around here compared to other Web Designers & Developers you may know. Why you may be asking, good question!

We’ve all got different skills, talents, strengths and weaknesses, maybe tech and web stuff just aren’t your thing, but you know you need a beautiful website that works, is easy to update, requires NO maintenance, meets your customer’s needs, delivers results and sells your products or services.
Not to worry I’m here to help, I tailor my websites to your tech needs, so whether you're Tech Shy, Tech Sure or Tech Savvy I’ve got a website that's perfect for you.

So, here’s the thing, before you go check out all the fantastic types of websites I offer, it's best if you first find out what Tech Type you are! Then once you’ve discovered your Tech Type you can visit the Tailored Web Design section of my website just for you!

To find out your Tech Type, take the quiz, it’s only 5 questions and then you can see all my services tailored to your needs, have fun! Already know your Tech type fab, you can mosey on over to Web Design Services to discover your tailored offers.

Ready To Go

I’m currently developing an exciting range of Ready to Go products. This range will include everything from Template Websites to Custom Designed Websites, to Branding & Logo Packages and Social Media Branding Packs.

These products will be exactly as they say on the tin, Ready To Go, all they will need is your logo, business information and content and they will be Ready To Go!

If this sounds like something that would be of interest to you add your name and email to the waiting list and I’ll let you know as soon as they launch early Summer 2020!!
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Celestial Arts Académie


This is where you will find all of my courses, training's and my all important freebies, conveniently all-in-one place, ready for you to peruse, browse, download, read, work through, learn and enjoy at your leisure and own pace.

Yay! It's good to be you, you lucky peep 😊 So as they say, ready to get this party started?
Celestial Arts Académie Fellowship

Académie Fellowship

The Académie Fellowship (can you tell I’m a geek yet 😉), is like a virtual coffee shop, it's the cool place where small business owners and solopreneurs can connect, grow, support, develop and learn together.

Starting in March, inside the group, I'll also be holding Trainings and Masterclasses on a huge variety of tools and topics including Dubsado, Calendly, Trello and Canva, not to mention the live weekly Q&A sessions and other helpful free and valuable content! So come join our private free FB Group and connect with like minded peeps 😊
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