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I'm Paula a Creative Geek, Web Design & Tech Specialist, who helps Small Business Owners & Solopreneurs automate and fully utilize their website + tech to stand out from the crowd and reclaim their precious time.

My Story

I just love making things! Whilst I was growing up I had at least one (if not a combination) of the following in my hands – pen, paper, coloured pencils; pocket knife & balsa wood; a hammer, wood & nails; knitting or sewing needles, wool, material, thread; glue, paints, paint brushes, latest model kit; books (lots and lots of books); a musical instrument (lots and lots of musical instruments)

As you can imagine saying I was a creative kid was an understatement! I was always making something, organising something, building, painting, reading, playing or learning something.

Some of my fondest memories are building model kits sat round the kitchen table with my dad and siblings. We would build and paint all sorts of models, from our favourite dinosaurs, birds and cartoon characters to Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter and even a Corvette. I remember I loved both the building part (figuring out how everything went together) and the painting part (making the model look finished & pretty). I think this is the main reason why, many years later, when I discovered designing and building websites, I instantly fell in love. It combined both of my passions, building and design!

When I was 7 years old a Commodore Vic 20 appeared in our home and another passion and skill of mine quickly developed… programming.

I later studied a BTEC National Diploma in Computer Studies, a BSC in Combined Science and was soon working for a large international tech corporation in the late 1990’s. It was during my time working there that I was introduced to intranet sites & websites. It all just clicked, here was a creative outlet where I got to combine all of my passions into one project - designing, organising, building and programming. I was instantly in love with the whole process. So much so that only a few months later I quit my amazing corporate job and re-enrolled at university to study a BSC in Web & Multimedia. That was waaaay back in the year 2000 and I’ve been designing and building websites ever since!

1981: fell in love

With Computers

Not literally of course but that’s when it all started, my passion for programming, tinkering, learning and seeing what I could get them to do! (The games where awesome too!)
Fast forward to present day, I’m based in Penwortham, Preston, Lancashire in the UK, live with my gorgeous husband Dave and my very special furbabies Smidge & Riley. I’m a wheat free, sugar free (most of the time) Vegan (29 years + 😲), who believes in Eco-Concious Business and Ethical Purchasing and one of the ways I try to do my part is by donating 5% from every fully paid client project to one of many charities and good causes I support.

I love to help small business owners and solopreneurs embrace and fully utilise their website and tech, to allow them to live life to the full with a work life balance.

Put my years (and years and years) of experience and knowledge to good use. Do you really need to learn HTML & CSS and try to get to grips with WordPress and never-ending Plugins, when your passion lies elsewhere?

Let my passion (alright, obsession) for designing and building maintenance free (non WordPress) websites that stand out from the crowd, help you get back to your passion and the whole reason you started your business in the first place.

Paula Roullier

Creative Geek // Web Design & Tech Specialist // Owner


Paula Roullier is a web design & tech specialist. With over 20 years of experience designing and building websites, for every type of company you can imagine. Paula has worked for huge international tech corporations, local county council’s, charities and many, many small business and solopreneurs around the world.

Paula studied a BTEC National Diploma in Computer Studies, BSC in Combined Science and a BSC in Web & Multimedia, along with numerous other qualifications and training courses
Paula works best when she can see the whole picture and is also a talented graphic designer.
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