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Well hello there, pull up at seat and grab a coffee. Are you comfy? Great, so who the hell am I? Well I’m Paula, a Creative Geek, a Web Designer, a Web Developer, a Graphic Designer and an all-round Tech Geek who loves to help overstretched Small Business Owners & Solopreneurs automate and fully utilize your website and tech, to stand out from the crowd and reclaim your precious time.

How did I get here, you say?

Well as with anyone that’s a really, really, long story but the very, very quick version is….

Waaay back when I was 7 years old (in 1981!) my Dad brought home our very first computer, a Commodore Vic 20 (yes, I really am that old, and why thank you, you’re looking great for your age too :). This sparked one of my many talents and passions… programming.

Fast forward to the start of the 90’s and I studied a BTEC National Diploma in Computer Studies, then a BSC in Combined Science at university and was soon working for a large international tech corporation in the late 1990’s. It was during my time working there that I was introduced to intranet sites. It all just clicked, here was a creative outlet where I got to combine all my passions into one project: designing, organising, building and programming. I was instantly in love with the whole process. So much so that only a few months later I quit my amazing corporate job and re-enrolled at university to study a BSC in Web & Multimedia. That was the year 2000 and I’ve been designing and building websites ever since!

Fast forward to 2020, after a few years off learning to live with three autoimmune diseases (I know right, who’d of thunk you could get three of the buggers) and caring for my terminally ill mum (whom I still desperately miss every day ☹), I’ve relaunched my small, but perfectly formed business Celestial Arts.

I’m based in Preston, Lancashire in the UK, and live with my gorgeous husband Dave and my very special furbabies Smidge and Riley. I’m a wheat free, sugar free (most of the time), vegan, who believes in ethical purchasing, which is one of the reasons I donate 5% from every fully paid client project that I carry out, to one of many charities and good causes I support (my clients love choosing which of my supported charities their projects 5% goes too :).

Okay, that’s great to know Paula but why would I start reading your blog?

That’s a great question, thanks for asking. One of the many reasons is that I absolutely love to help small business owners and solopreneurs embrace and fully utilise their website and tech, to allow them to live life to the full, and develop and sustain the mythical work life balance.

mythical work life balance

My blog will include tips and advice for business owners who have an online presence but wish to further grow and develop the online side of their businesses. Or even just learn to manage it and get it working more smoothly and efficiently. I’ll also be sharing geek to muggle translations, to help you get to grips with the more technical side of things too.

I also love to share my clients leaps forward and I genuinely jump up and down when one of my clients has got to grips with editing their new website I’ve just built, or have taken onboard the product photo advice I gave them, to then see amazing results on their social media channels as a result.

So, what can you expect to discover on my blog?

Another great question, you’re on a roll. Everything from tips and advice for getting to grips with, taming, regaining control of, growing and fully utilising to the max your online part of your business and any tech you have access to.

You’ll also see geek to muggle translations on various topics that again will help with your online part of your business.

„It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease. Hack away at the inessentials.“
Bruce Lee

I’ll also include some bigger picture articles on regaining a work life balance, and the strategies and tips that can help with this side of running a business. I’ve worked for a huge variety of businesses of all sizes over the years and have acquired many insights that can help most businesses and owners get things back in control.

Sounds great, who’s your blog aimed at?

My blog is aimed at small business owners or solopreneurs that at least have or want to have a website and online presence. If you're struggling to get your website and other online endeavours working for you and your business, my blog is aimed at you.

Are you fed up trying to find the time to fit everything in? Don’t know where to start with Content Creation, Batching, Social Media, Email Marketing, Your Calendar, Communicating With Your Customers? Feel like you never know what to do or focus on next or like your treading water with the online side of your business? Then my dear, exhausted, frazzled, gorgeous human being you, my blog aims to help.


So there you have it, you now know a bit more about me, my passions, what I love, what I do, who I help, how I hope to help my blog readers and the kind of things I’ll be writing about in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to getting to know you better.

In the meantime, have fun!

Paula x

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