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From website and graphic design needs, website integrations and automation to quirky content creation, I’ll do my best to help you out as quickly as possible. Fill out the form below or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I’ll get in touch to help you. Prefer to keep things old school? No worries I love receiving post! My snail mail address is below.

(Oh and check out the FAQ’s below – just in case they save you sending an email 😊)

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I love to stay focused when I'm working on my clients projects, so it's always best to book a call or a meeting in advance.
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I love snail mail!

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Paula Roullier, Celestial Arts, 12 Stanley Avenue, Penwortham, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 9RB, UK


No one likes playing phone tag, as a typical creative type that likes to keep busy it's always best to book a call or Zoom meeting with me in advance :)

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'd love one of your websites, how do I get started?
Awesome!! So, here’s the thing, before you go check out all the fantastic types of websites I offer, it's best if you first find out what Tech Type you are! Then once you’ve discovered your Tech Type you can visit the Tailored Web Design section of my website just for you!

To find out your Tech Type, take the quiz, it’s only 5 questions and then you can see all my services tailored to your needs, have fun!
What content do you need from me?
Don’t worry I’ll send you easy to fill in Questionnaire’s that ask for the content that I’ll need from you depending upon your type of project and your Tech Type 😊
Do you update websites built elsewhere?

Thanks for thinking of me but I do not update website’s that have been built by other companies or peeps other than moi :)

Can I transfer an existing website to you?

I’m flattered but I do not update, maintain or host websites built by other companies or peeps.

Can you manage / maintain my current website?

If your website was built by moi, then yes of course I can, please get in touch! However if your website was built elsewhere I can’t manage or maintain it for you.

Do you provide an email service?

I do not provide any email services, however I’m happy to recommend Google’s G Suite. If you are interested in signing up with G Suite please let me know as I can send you a referral link and a promo code to save 20% off your first 12 months. - Request link and promo code)

Do you provide web hosting services?

The platforms that I build my amazingly simple to update and edit websites in, require that you take out web hosting with them, via myself.

Can I move my fab website you've built to another web host?

Sorry but no can do, the website platforms I build in require their own native hosting solutions to work, that you can sign up for via moi.

Can I dognap / borrow / adopt Smidge or Riley?

As adorable as Smidge and Riley are, they are afterall my fur babies so unfortunately, it's a no (unless you want to unleash my inner momma bear). They are not available for dognapping / borrowing or adopting, no matter how much you offer, beg or bribe me (even with vegan chocolate!) ;)

What's a static website?

Static websites are as the name suggests, static. This means they do not contain dynamic content like CMS websites do and if you have the same content on multiple pages, you would have to make your changes on every page that the same content exists to update your website.

However, do not let their simplicity fool you, google still rank static websites very highly, they love the Keep It Simple Method!

Static websites are also perfect for small websites, businesses on a budget or if you need a website in a hurry and the ones I build are very easy to update. They also require little maintenance as they don’t have all the complex moving parts CMS websites have, or a database to keep secure and up-to-date!

What's a CMS website?
CMS Websites are Content Management System websites, as the name suggests, the content of the website is stored within a management system, you only need enter the content once, and then as I build and develop your website I can pull that content to any part of the website as needed. Your website pages are also mainly dynamic, as they change as you enter and add new content. The platform that I build my CMS Website range within also means there in no maintenance required, so no worrying about plugin or website updates and compatibility issues 😊
What's a template?
Templates are designs be it for website's or graphic design that can be purchased by more than one person or business. They are not designed specifically for you and your business. However, they are both a budget friendly and quicker option that custom designs.
What does custom/bespoke designs mean?
Custom or bespoke designs means just that, either the website or graphic design services you are purchasing is designed specifically for you and your business and no one else :) It helps you stand out from the crowd and connect with your audience too!
What type of website is best for me?
Fisrt of all it's best to find out what Tech Type you are? Then once you’ve discovered your Tech Type you can visit the Tailored Web Design section of my website just for you!

To find out your Tech Type, take the quiz, it’s only 5 questions and then you can see all my services tailored to your needs, have fun!
Do you offer a charity discount?
If you are a registered charity or community group I offer a 15% discount off my services. However this does not include the cost of Web Hosting, Domain Names or other items that may need to be purchased from a third-party provider. Please contact me to request the discount.
What charities can we choose your donation to go to?
You can currently choose my donation to go to any of the charities listed on the Acts of Kindness page :)
Can your donation go to another charity of our choosing?
At the moment I only make donations to the charities listed on the Acts of Kindness page. However I'm always open to suggestions so why not drop me a line with your charity suggestions and in the future they may get added to the list :)
Do you build in any other Web Development Platforms?
I've spent 2 years thoroughly researching and testing two great platforms that are easy for Tech Shy and Tech Sure clients to update content within. However, if you'd prefer a more traditional website platform, I've nearly 20 years’ experience designing and building websites. Everything from WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal to Elgg, PrestaShop and Chamilo. If you'd prefer a different web development platform, please book a discovery call with me to discuss your requirements.


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